Services for all stakeholders in the Swiss vocational and professional education and training system (VET/PET system) 

OPET has commissioned SFIVET to provide tertiary-level A basic and continuing training to VET professionals (i.e. VET school teachers, VET trainers at host companies, VET instructors at industry courses, and VET examiners) as well as to PET professionals (i.e. PET college teachers). SFIVET also conducts VET/PET research to identify linkages between the education system and the labour market. This research has a major impact on analysis, optimisation and further development of Switzerland’s VET and PET sectors. OPET has also commissioned SFIVET to provide guidance and support to professional organisations that are currently drafting new VET ordinances and training plans as part of the overall VET revision process.

SFIVET ensures relevance and applicability of its services by acting as an interface between the academic and professional world. All basic and continuing training courses are systematically based on the results and evaluation of research and development projects.

With regional campuses in three of Switzerland's linguistic regions,

and its institutionalised network of VET/PET partners (OPET, the cantons and professional organisations), SFIVET helps coordinate the VET/PET system at the national level.