Conference on Gender and Migration 

Gender and Migration in different tracks of higher education

31 October – 1 November 2014
Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (SFIVET),
Zollikofen, Switzerland.

Conference of the Research Committee Gender Studies, Swiss Sociological Association, in co-operation with the section on Women's and Gender Studies, German Sociological Association and the section on Feminist Theory and Gender Studies, Austrian Sociological Association.

Higher education faces increasing trends of internationalization. Little is known about whether and how this trend affects social inequality. This holds in particular regarding educational opportunities for young men and women with a migration background and/or foreign nationality and degrees earned abroad. Against this background, the conference will focus on the following questions: How do gender and migration experiences affect access to the different tracks of higher education? What role do gender and migration experiences play in explaining trajectories and success rates in higher education and the ensuing transition into the labour market? To what extent do tracks of higher education offer comparable access and success chances for men and women with different social and ethnic backgrounds?

Scholars from different countries will contribute to this workshop.

With financial support from the Swiss Sociologal Assosciation.